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Hi Beautiful Divas,

So much has changed from when we were young. Periods were and still are considered a taboo subject. A scary, inconvenient, and disgusting event.

But, it shouldn’t be! This perfectly natural and magnificent part of being a woman should be held with more respect and sacred pride.

Without them, there would be no us!

Hey Diva is all about empowering and educating Divas how to confidently navigate and to embrace their journey into becoming a woman with confidence, pride & No Shame!

Currently, we offer workshops for Divas aged between 9 and 12 years.

What Can You Expect in a Hey Diva – Period Positive Workshop?

A Powerful & Empowering Period Education Session for girls aged 9 to 12 years. Teaching them how to confidently navigate becoming a woman.
This fun and interactive workshop is set apart from the boring & sometimes co-educational school presentations.

🌸 Your Diva will learn that a woman’s menstrual cycle doesn’t begin at the start of her period and finish at the end of that same period
🌸 She will learn about the cycle and that from the start of her first period, through to the start of her next period is a journey
🌸 She will learn why the woman’s body and emotions “Ebb & Flow”
🌸 She will understand how to harness the ups and downs to bring herself back to a place of love & gratitude for her body and her soul
🌸 We will prepare her to confidently know how to use period products and how to take care of herself when she ‘bleeds’

I look forward to empowering young Diva’s on their journey into womanhood.

Jemay xoxo

text graphic with out periods there'd be no us!

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