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Hi! I’m Holly the mum behind Good Knight Sleep. Before having my own two boys, I had no idea what being a parent would really be like and thought I was super prepared to welcome our babies into the world. Little did I know of the effects that having limited sleep would have on our family. We have all struggled with sleep in some way, and I strongly believe that if we can work together we can come up with a new way in which your family can approach sleep. You will feel more like yourself and be able to enjoy your role as a parent.

I am fascinated with all aspects of children’s sleep, often finding myself Googling in the middle of the night while up with one of my boys. This is one of the reasons why I chose to study with Baby Sleep Consultant as they provided scientific based training around sleep. I have studied, volunteered and obtained my certification and have begun building my business. Helping families sleep has become my passion.

I don’t focus on the cry it out approach but rather select a method that suits both your parenting style and your family’s needs. I aim to provide realistic, nurture based sleep training focusing on your baby’s needs just as much as your own. If you feel tired, chances are your baby does as well. Don’t waste another day feeling uncertain and sleep deprived. We can work together to help provide your baby with the very precious gift of a Good Knight’s Sleep.