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Welcome to Fabu Couture, the home of Unique OOAK (One Of A Kind for those who have no idea what OOAK stands for) handmade. I’m Jodie and I am the face behind the business and the handbag and wallet maker extraordinaire.

I started Fabu Couture in 2011 after the birth of my middle child (Isabella, who is now a part of my business making and selling earrings). It was initially called FairyButterfly Cards and Crafts (now isn’t that a mouthful). The initial business focussed on making and selling handstitched cards.

During that time my husband Ben and I ran our own massage and beauty clinic (I’m a fully qualified remedial massage and beauty therapist but now no long practicing) and I got a little sewing machine to make heat packs to use within the clinic.

At this time I started making softies and added them in to sell. After joining a sewing advice and inspiration and group on Facebook I came across a pattern for a wallet, the Necessary Clutch Wallet. I looked at it for ages and one day I bit the bullet and bought the pattern.

Well, let me tell you that was a steep learning curve. My first wallet took me days to figure out how to do the card slots. The flap was way off center and the wallet was rather floppy. However I was hooked.

From there I mastered the NCW (although sometimes the flaps still get the better of me) and I stumbled across bag pattern designers so I thought why not and added them in.

Somewhere in there we went from FairyButterfly to Cards and Crafts, to FairybutterflyHandmade and now here we are at Fabu Couture.

All I’ve looked at other items over the years my passion still lies with the handbags and wallets. I’ve included little accessories into the range now and these will always be there but the bags and wallets are the main focus.

I love creating unique one of a kind items that help people stand out from the crowd. Each piece is lovingly handmade, and some pieces are much harder to let go of than others.

I’m always happy to talk to my customers and make a bag that is completely them. Why have the same handbag as everyone else when you can let your personality shine through with a one of a kind piece?

Price Range
$10.00 to $100.00