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What does a Building Inspector do in his spare time?
Why, he breeds German Shepherds with his partner on his rural retreat. Eddie Verhoef knows the benefits of relaxing from what is an intense profession. Building Inspection could be the difference between defects eroding the integrity of a building down the track or finding a major defect before it becomes an expensive exercise to fix.
Before anyone can hang up their shingle as a building inspector, they need to study the legal and risk management requirements around building inspections, and how to inspect and prepare reports which indicate the true standard of the building or phase of the building process.
Eddie’s qualifications and years of practicing its principles have seen him work in the construction industry on many large and complex commercial projects in inner city Brisbane’s iconic recent buildings such as the Government’s 1 William Street project.
Eddie’s longevity in the industry working for high profile companies definitely shows his excellent standard of work. Not only do you need the certificate qualifications, and plenty of practice in spotting obvious oversights, but a Building Inspector needs to pay attention to every detail in a very thorough manner.
Rectification of any identified defects is crucial to the completion of the project – this is where Eddie’s eagle eye brings confidence that the high regulation standards will be reached.
The client wants the assurance that all is on track and that there are no issues. This can be a highly anxious time, and Eddie has the customer service skills to put minds at ease. Sometimes this means having to use his initiative to reduce tensions of both the builder and the client. Eddie’s patience and ability to remain calm in stressful situations is well-known and much valued.
Eddie enjoys the challenge of analytical thinking and using his experience and skills to solve any queries he faces in his role.
After many years of analysing quality on many, many construction sites, Eddie has taken on the challenge of his own Building Inspection business – Jim’s Building Services. This change of pace doesn’t mean any difference to Eddie’s approach to residential or commercial projects at all. He has just opened up his licensed skills and vast experience to the flexibility of wider geographic locations and working across different building sites and existing homes.
Inspections are in very safe hands with Eddie Verhoef.