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67 Ramsay Street, Toowoomba, Qld Centenary Heights
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Welcome to our Toowoomba Studio

We warmly welcome you on your journey in the discipline and practice of Yoga & Pilates. 

Our studio is an inviting space, not too big, not too small, and filled with an abundance of love, peace and kindness. 
You will experience classes of a unique kind, with our skilled teachers and the overall philosophy of the space. Yoga is not just asanas, or poses. Far from it. The asanas makes up just 2% of the practice of yoga.
More so, it is a way of being. It is the small changes, the breath, the inward focus, the self reflection, the realisation, the self discipline, the celebration of inner beauty…
… it is a way to live your life with peace and humility. We truly hope you find what you are seeking, but also much much more here at Bloom Holistic Collective, as we support you on your inward journey and your outward.We offer 22 Classes per week in yoga and mat pilatesworkshops for wellness, beginner yoga series and much more. We are here for you on and off the mat as you connect inwards and bloom into the most radiant version of yourself. 

Yoga at Bloom Holistic Collective…

“Many of us have spent years trying to ameliorate the world’s suffering without first confronting our own. The belief that it is possible to heal the world without healing ourselves first is what the Yoga Sutras call a lack of true knowledge.
The truth is, when we are happy we spread happiness, and when we are in pain we spread suffering. If our aim is to alleviate the world’s suffering, we must begin with our own minds and bodies. We must do yoga. Each action taken in compliance with the eight-limb (yogic philosophy) path brings with it an increase in our own peace and happiness – and our happiness is welcomed by the universe. We do not need to fear the steps we are about to take. In fact, we will experience each right action, no matter how small or insignificant, as a pleasure and a relief. With each step we take toward the light, the universe rejoices. When we let go of our suffering, we participate in the salvation of all living beings.”
Rolf Gates – Meditations from the Mat


Do I need to bring a Mat to class?
We prefer you to bring your own mat, especially due to COVID19 restriction changes, however we do have Hire Mats available for $2 per use, with the proceeds going to a local charity. These must be wiped down thoroughly after your use with Disinfecting Wipes provided.
What time should I arrive for class?
It is recommended you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class where possible, for a few reasons. Not only will it help you secure a car park, use our locker and bathroom facilities as needed, find your space in the Studio room and speak with your teacher if needed – but is also ensures you will be settled and ready in the right mindset for your practise.
For your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class so we can show you around the studio and help you get settled into the space as well as answer any of your yoga and mat pilates related questions.What else should I bring to class?
Please bring a water bottle, towel if you are likely to sweat a lot or are attending a Hot or Warm class. If you feel the cold, especially in Yin practise or the savasana at the end of class, you are welcome to bring a jumper and socks to the studio.What should I NOT take to class?
Please leave all footwear in Reception on the shelf provided or against the wall.
Bags, excess clothing, keys, wallets, mobile phones and anything you don’t need for your immediate presence on your mat, is recommended to be left in one of the Lockers provided. You may take your Locker key up with you.Do we need to Book for Class?
As restrictions eased, we do not require class bookings, however if you want to secure a spot, then please feel free to.
We are allowing 22 Students maximum per class, so there is adequate social distancing met per person.

Covid Safe Measures in studio:

  • Please use hand sanitiser or wash your hands upon entry.
  • If using a locker, please wipe down after use with Disinfectant Wipes provided.
  • Hire Mats and Prop use is now available. Please disinfect Hire Mats & Props with the Disinfectant Wipes provided. 
  • Bolsters are able to be used. Please bring a towel for use on Bolsters, or spray with Disinfecting Spray provided.
  • Please Stay home if you’re unwell, showing ANY signs of respiratory infection.

If I am new, what should I tell my teacher?
Please tell your teacher if you are new to either Yoga or Pilates. They will then be able to ensure you are supported throughout the class and take a moment at the end to tell them how your experience was. Even the most experienced students have days when they struggle on the mat, so don’t ever feel like you are not “enough” in any way! We are all on our journey and no place is better than the next.