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Established in 2021, ASKAFOODTECH PTY LTD is a food technology consulting company providing specialist advice to food producers with an ambition to grow. Based in Toowoomba, we will work with businesses across Australia looking for assistance with a suite of professional services including new food innovation & product development, allergen management and food labelling services.

ASKAFOODTECH™ believes that integrity and quality of service are crucial in meeting the needs of our customers. We ask every customer, “How do we help you grow” and match our skills and experience with your needs. If we can’t help you, we will reach out to our extensive network and match you with the service provider that can attend to your needs.

Our Services

  • Product Innovation and Strategic Thinking

    Working with you to build confidence in your pipeline and strategy.

    • Pipeline Ideas
    • Strategic Sourcing
    • Capability Assessments
  • Product Development
  • Mentoring

    Achieving business growth through your people.

    • Mentoring Key Staff
  • Helping you to proactively protect your brand through a unique perspective on allergen management  and quality systems coaching involving:

    • Review of Allergen Management Plan
    • Review of Quality System
    • Raw Material Assessment Systems
    • Kosher Certification Prep
    • Halal Certification Prep
      Allergen Management & Quality Systems Coaching

    Allergen Management:

    A qualified food technologist and diagnosed with a severe food allergy in his late 30’s, Stewart is ideally placed to offer a unique perspective on allergen management in your facility. Stewart can blend both practical tips on practical allergen risk management with the sensitive consumers perspective. If you need a fresh perspective on your approach to allergen risk management why not #askafoodtech today.

    Quality Systems Coaching:

    Are your pre-requisite programs such as your Approved Supplier Program adequate? Being proactive with your quality system is a crucial step in maintaining your brand integrity. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed to help build a stronger system. ASKAFOODTECH can help by reviewing your current Quality system with you, and providing practical advice on how to improve. Whether it’s your Approved Supplier Program, GMP or preparation for Halal and Kosher certification, why not #askafoodtech how they can help you today.

  • Food Labelling

    Ensuring your food labelling is accurate and up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.

    • Compliance Checks
    • Technical Data Preparation

    When it comes to preparing food labels, there are three governing regulation systems to comply with.

    To comply with the Australian Consumer Law, a food producer needs to ensure that all statements and images comply with the requirement that prohibits false, misleading and deceptive representations. The Australian Food Standards code sets out the labelling requirements of all food products sold in Australia & New Zealand. Many foods sold in Australia will also need to comply with net content declaration requirements as regulated by the National Measurement Institute.

    As a food producer it can be daunting knowing where to start. Need help with preparing or checking your food label, why not #askafoodtech how they can help you today.

ASKAFOODTECH™ is a food technology consulting company providing specialist advice to food producers across Australia with ambition.

Based in Toowoomba, ASKAFOODTECH™ provides our clients with a suite of professional services including new food innovation & product development, allergen management and food labelling services that proactively help you protect and grow your brand and business.

Who is Stewart?

A purpose driven leader who has accumulated extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of developing and industrialising new products throughout his 20+ year career.

Stewart’s professional history includes roles with Unilever / Weis, the South Australian Research & Development Institute, Nestle and Food Spectrum. Stewart is well regarded and extensively networked within the food industry and holds knowledge of a diverse range of technologies across the value-added fruit ingredients and dairy sectors of the food industry. Stewart is a Fellow and active member of the AIFST, having previously served as a Non-Executive Director on the inaugural board and branch chair of both the Queensland and South Australian branches.