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Suite 49, Ko Kollective, 58-62 Water Street, South Toowoomba, Queensland 4350
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Your Legacy Lawyer is a mobile and virtual estate planning law practice.
Our Principal Lawyer, Adele M Anthony, knows all too well that clients want flexibility and convenience and she aims to deliver on both points. She’s a busy businesswoman, lawyer, mum and grandmother and flexibility and convenience are also important to her when she needs professional services.
It’s flexibility and the use of technology that allows Your Legacy Lawyer to service clients all across Queensland.
Your Legacy Lawyer takes our clients from a world of worry to a world of peace of mind knowing that they are protecting their assets and their loved ones.  Clients who have started a serious relationship, have recently married, have started having children, bought a house, started a business, got divorced or suffered a health scare.  They know they absolutely need to have an estate plan (think Will, Power of Attorney, Family Trust etc) but they keep putting it to the back of their mind for whatever reason: affordability, accessibility, or it’s just too difficult for them to think about.
This is where Your Legacy Lawyer can take them from that world of worry to a world of peace of mind. Once they know that their assets and loved ones are legally protected if anything were to happen to them, they feel relief that their financial future and loved ones are now protected.
We make having an estate plan affordable, accessible and the process simple, so the reasons for not having one are no longer there.
If you need a law firm to help you prepare your Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and other estate planning documents, give Your Legacy Lawyer a call because estate planning is all we do.
Mobile or virtual, we’re here to provide Queenslanders with affordable and accessible estate planning services.
Clients say we give them peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones will be looked after when they are no longer around.
We think that’s priceless.
Call us now on 0417 012 991 or email us at You can also book at no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation at
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