I am continually asking questions and trying to learn more about our traditional owners. Many I speak to do not know a lot about their culture. So, it’s always really good to ask lots of questions when we have the opportunity. When someone doesn’t have access to their culture, there are often cultural educators and mentors who can help teach and share knowledge. These individuals play an important role in preserving and passing on cultural traditions and teachings. I had a quick yarn with Damon Miri Anderson, a proud Wakka Wakka, Kullilli, Gomeroi man.

You can follow him on his Facebook page Nguluwa Dhiyaan Aborigianl Arts.

Miri is a wealth of knowledge from hours of learning and listening. He is a very talented artist, performer and educator. I asked Miri what he would most want people to know not just during NAIDOC week, but about his culture.

‘My ambition for NAIDOC is continue to grow and also educate people from different walks of life as one nationality and also educate the younger generation to fall in the footsteps of what our old people used to do’

‘This guidance and listening, learning and teach the old ways orally. Yeah, that’s the best way to teach orally. You know, don’t sit him in classrooms, don’t get them on tablets or iPads or on technology. Take them out into the bush, old people used to teach and that’s how you learn. That’s the best way to learn’

‘You know, a lot of the elders aren’t around anymore. The old people say it’s up to people like myself and other cultural educators to teach them’


‘Acknowledge who you are, have strong identity. Strong persistence, as well, from persistence in who you are as an Aboriginal person or even not even Aboriginal person. If you’re indigenous to your culture, had that identity and push towards a goal acknowledging who you are as a person, but also educating people. and that’s what I always say to everyone. no matter where I go in my life is ‘education is key’ And that could be any sort of education. It could be just talking, you know, it could be sharing your story, it could be, you know, telling your story through art, it could be any sort of medium any sort of way of telling that story is the best way to acknowledge it’

Thank you Miri for your time and words of wisdom.