The name of the town apparently comes from Jimmy Crow, a Jarowair Aboriginal man from the Dalla tribal lands, who lived in a hollow tree and gave directions to the early European settlers. That tree was known as Crow’s nest. It became a popular camping spot for the bullock team drivers who were hauling timber. Then came the farmers and settlers and the town developed.

The tribute to these early European pioneers is at the entrance to the town and shows the conditions under which the town grew.

Located in an area of natural beauty, travelers need to make time to visit the Falls and the Crows Nest National Park a short drive to the east……not to be missed!0

In the town itself, the Old Crow hotel stands as a marker of those previous times when a cold beer was a fair reward for the efforts of the pioneers. The walk through the central park leading to the pub and the impressive Arts and Craft Centre is a lovely stroll. This beautifully maintained area yields fitting tributes to the services of those locals, like Jack French, who fought on distant shores for today’s freedoms. There are plenty of places to sit and reflect on their courage.

Tourists love visiting the eclectic displays of local art and craft makers, and of course, it was too tempting! My winter wardrobe was enhanced. Lots of lovely goodies – and shop fronts and accomplished locals.

Although there are not many shops, they are a real mix, with some extremely popular ‘must visits’. The butcher, Meats and More, the cafes, the Op shop treasures, the Bookshop and of course the famous Crows Nest Softdrinks – well renowned even before the Landline feature with both old-fashioned cordial makers both in Crows Nest and Pittsworth to the West of Toowoomba. Who can resist a thick creamy Sarsparilla? Well, perhaps my dear mother who thinks it has an atrocious taste.

Strolling along, even on a drizzly day, there was something to please everyone’s tastes. There will soon be even more to attract tourists when the old imposing Salt Antiques building completes its much-anticipated transformation into a cafe, patisserie and homewares showcase under Emeraude’s Amanda Hinds’ discerning eye.


In our search for the local Seat of Knowledge in each local town trip, Crows Nest has an abundance of places to natter and catch up on local doings. Only the trusty dog was seeking knowledge that day!

Of course my passion for all things ‘books’ meant a drop into the secondhand bookstore AND the newsagent – just to check them out of course. Fibber!

What a great place to visit……..

What are you waiting for?