You may find yourselves at a crossroad in your relationship, and you may be thinking about what went wrong and wondering if it is possible to repair the hurt and disconnect that has accumulated over the years.

Strength of Connection

When it comes to looking at relationships, it can be helpful to consider the strength of your connection.

The strength of your connection can be understood by looking at a few key aspects:

  1. The sense that you exist to each other: It is crucial to feel that you matter to one another and that you are present in each other’s lives.
  2. Being top of mind: A strong connection is one where you feel that you matter to your partner. That they think of you when you’re not there and that they consider you and you them. 
  3. A knowing that you are there for each other emotionally, physically (and intimately) when you need or when you reach for each other. 
  4. Feeling cherished and protected: A healthy relationship involves feeling valued and protected by each other, rather than experiencing rejection or abandonment.

The more these elements are present and reinforced in a relationship, the stronger the feeling of connection becomes.

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