Compass of Coffee – CBD Cuppa

Toowoomba north, south, east, west – join our Compass of Coffee

Grab a cuppa – take a rest

For someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, this is a real challenge 🤣 So I am relying on my Toowoomba buddies to share their favourite independent coffee spots around this great city. The coffee culture here has come alive in recent times……so we are starting in the CBD and working our way further afield. For this adventure we are not including the more familiar franchises.

Strolling down Ruthven Street past the City Hall, the Art Gallery, and the peaceful Village Green, the notion that the CBD died when Grand Central dominated Margaret Street appears to be very wrong. Between the block bounded by Herries and Russell streets there are coffee spots and alleys and arcades ripe for exploring………and just a few streets away there are plenty more.

No need for my taste buds to be the judge, and no need to rate their cups, but we are happy to share all the vendors for you to judge for yourselves. Grab a friend or two and drink up!

Don’t be shy…….share your favourites in the comments below. Wherever in the world they may be. More to come in this Sipping Series. Keep your cups handy!

and a short stroll away.going CBD north…..

and time for another stroll heading CBD south….

and heaps more to come in our Compass of Coffee series. Bring your travel cup and discover your new favourites.