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Cabarlah Ladies Day 

Leonie Says

“Our son William was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome in January 2005 and sadly passed away when he was 6 weeks old. He would be 16 now. I love raising money for Heartkids and what better way than with a bunch of friends and a community that comes together for Cabarlah Ladies Day.” I have met so many people over my lifetime from all walks of life and I am so proud this year to have a great friend of mine speaking along with some amazing ladies who will share their real life stories with you all. Having moved to St George in July 2020 and with the frustrations that COVID brought to our lives we hope that our 2021 event will bring ladies together for yet another great day . 

Natalie Says

” I love to bring people together and to facilitate events. I love to celebrate Country Women, hear Peoples Stories, make new Friends and rekindle old Friendships. I love to support our local businesses, and I love to be apart of an event that raises funds for Heartkids, a disease that that has affected the children of many of my friends and their families. The marketing, the media and event management gives me a buzz. I hope you are able to attend one of our uplifting, supportive and fun days with your friends. It will be one of your fondest memories ever.” 

Heart Kids Queenslandheartkidslogo-copy

Eight babies will be born today with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD). In Australia, it is the most common birth abnormality and the leading cause of death for children under one.

There is no cure, and sadly each week five young Australians will die from CHD. HeartKids Queensland provides support to children who are born with or acquire Heart Disease, many of whom undergo multiple life-saving heart surgeries. We strive to provide high quality, caring support, information and advocacy and to give hope to these families as they undergo their difficult journey.

We created Cabarlah Ladies Day to celebrate women and have a day of lovely company, Delightful Stalls and Raffles, food and fun




Provides more than 300 senior students with formal attire, shoes, hair & makeup styling, and accessories for their special night as well as helping with school formal ticket costs.
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