Toowoomba Chamber is helping the region’s multi-million-dollar wedding industry get back on its feet after a devastating 2020 due to COVID-19.

The Toowoomba Chamber is promoting the upcoming Wedding Industry and Business Leaders breakfast on 9 July 2021 and is urging businesses get involved to create the region as a wedding destination.

Toowoomba Chamber CEO, Todd Rohl said, “Australia’s wedding industry is worth around $4 billion annually but during COVID-19, it suffered a direct 76 per cent loss, and when you add in the supply chain, the estimated contribution to the economy is $7billion.

“It’s an industry that has broad reach with a variety of big and small operators that include accommodation, venues and caterers, dress designers, car hire, photographers and entertainers.

“The business supply chain is enormous, and we are ideally placed to be a wedding tourism destination,” Todd said.

Kim Cahill from said, “We are building a strong and connected industry so by collaborating across the region, we can, united, create business opportunities for everybody.

“Eventually we hope this is a start to working more closely together to create wedding destination packages and promotions for our region.”

“Special guest speaker at the Wedding Industry and Business Leaders Breakfast will be the national wedding industry’s key spokesperson, Managing Director of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA), Natasha O’Meara.

“Natasha was coming to Toowoomba for two days to get to know the region and what it had to offer.

“Natasha will meet with suppliers, businesses and politicians to help guide the local industry towards her vision for the region which is a national wedding destination”, suggested Kim.

Tickets to the Wedding Industry and Business Leaders Breakfast can be purchased through Toowoomba Tickets.


MEDIA RELEASE – 22 JUNE 2021 – Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce