By Clare Standfast, Windmill House Creative 

When creating and building your personal or business brand, authenticity is king (or queen). It is the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and establish who you are personally and professionally. With social media and digital advertising, you have a large amount of control over how you are able to be viewed by the public by the content you post, as well as your audience engagement. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, so whatever you want that to be – start developing it. 

Here are my top three tips to implement into developing your business brand. 

  • Create your platforms: Whether it is a website, social media, or all of the above – utilise them, cultivate them, and let them represent you. As it were, these are the way your audience and potential clients will see you for the very first time, and interact with you, so make it a fun and aesthetically pleasing experience. When you communicate with your audience, make it informative, kind and comfortable – somewhere they’d wish to return to. Essentially, a good customer experience. 
  • Be unique: Authenticity speaks for itself – no one can be you, so show off your uniqueness and make it a part of your business strategy. People with similar beliefs, values and creativity will come to you when you put your personal stamp on your business. It is a lot easier to operate an organisation when you are completely authentic to who you are, rather than trying to play a character. Everything is genuine – including your passion. 
  • Be the expert: In a professional sense, share your knowledge in your particular field of expertise. If your audience feels that your page or website adds value to their day, they will continue visiting it. Similarly, if they can see that you are worth the gamble on spending their hard-earned dollars, they could invest money in you and become a client. It is also an excellent way to gain exposure, if people have friends looking for advice in such an area, they often tag or share. 

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