Dale Kasch – dignified, elegant and brimming over with enthusiasm for her design and styling creations, joins the growing band of small business entrepreneurs steering Toowoomba and the surrounding Darling Downs areas into a thriving Wedding Industry hub for SE Qld and beyond.

Dale had been sewing since she was 7 years old and has loved and grown every aspect of the process.  Then, in a former country Queensland life in Cloncurry, she realised the growing need for bespoke formal wear both face to face and with online access to special event to overcome the isolation and distance from large clothing outlets.   She identified the need and is catering for beautifully designed and crafted gowns for weddings, formals and special occasions under her brand Kasch Designs and Styling.  Each piece is discussed, desgined and collaborated with the client and from an image or an idea, Dale weaves her skills in to a unique piece.  Pieces take up to 6 months to complete, but the results are stunning.

There is no chance that the bridal party, or guests will see anyone else in the beautifully finished pieces.  Dale caters for all ages and the garments are made to fit the different shapes and styles for each individual.  However, Dale’s talents do not stop there.  The Styling component really enhances the outfits with jewellery and other details for makeup and grooming which are also available.  Collaboration with other skilled and quality artists is very important to Dale to produce a high end result.

Dale has overcome personal adversity and all the establishment issues for a small business, but for her, the future is bright and hopefully will mean a studio and shop front in the CBD.  In the meantime she is ready to make your special day truly memorable.