A family grounded by a community spirit, Andrew and Nicole Erlandson combine their roles as business owners with a strong commitment to supporting others. Whether that be members of their family, or those less fortunate in the community, this couple is making a real difference in the Toowoomba community. Giving time and financial support across a number of local organisations and causes is often a stretch for businesses in times of restrictions such as those of the past couple of years, but Andrew has been steadfast in his desire to help make a difference.

Muay Thai is probably one of the lesser known sports locally. The not for profit business, Team Ngapuhi Muay Thai aims to help young boys who are perhaps not necessarily going down the right track. By using this physical martial arts technique to direct their energy in a positive way, these young people have a channel through which to release some of their negative emotions or overcome poor self-esteem.

The Erlandson family association with ex-kick boxer Phil Ranata and his Ngapuhi Muay Thai centre at 88 Water Street, is very strong. Once Andrew joined, his enthusiasm spurred the family to try. With no age limits, this form of exercise and discipline has attracted family and a staff member from their RAMS business, their 8 year old son, Andrew’s 65 year old mother, Nicole herself, an aunty, and her sister-in-law as well. The all-over body workout strengthens both the physical and mental elements and sees the family undertake a few sessions each week.

As well as the gym and exercising, members have the opportunity to ‘get in the ring’ and compete in tournaments. Nicole’s first encounter ended with a bump to the nose, but that hasn’t stopped her enthusiasm for the sport, or her willingness to be part of the family sponsorship to the sport. With its aim of building self-confidence and making a difference in the lives of young people, it is a very worthy business to get behind. Andrew’s signage around the ring and financial support towards equipment in the gym and the ongoing family membership are all part of introducing the Toowoomba community to Muay Thai and its benefits, and helping to keep the centre providing its quality services.

Sport is such an integral part of the Toowoomba scene, and the Erlandson support also extends to support for Brothers Rugby League Team. Karen, one of the staff members at RAMS, has been a mighty supporter for many years, and through this association, a sign and financial support flows in this direction as well.

Stay tuned to discover beyond the business, family and sport commitments. Andrew will be giving an hour a month to chat with the community at the Pump Coffee stores starting at the Express Pump location on the corner of Alderley and Ruthven Streets this Friday 18th March from 7.30-8.30am then regularly for three months. Head on over for a cuppa with Andrew.

Supporting Locals for Locals means we can take a leaf out of the Erlandson family book and build local business confidence for the future.