Well, Daisy May’s presence at the pub is legendary.

Born as Daisy May Williams on 2 April 1918 in Quinalow, the second daughter of Thomas Williams and Victoria Marie Clappier, Daisy lived the life of a country child at Bymaroo, Jondaryan until her engagement in 1941. Her life as a married woman began when she took on the role of the wife of Malcolm Francis Pottinger.

Daisy was a striking-looking woman.

Sadly her life took a tragic turn. When she was driving from Quinalow to Peranga on 18 May 1962 she was involved in a car accident which claimed her life at age 44.

Historian Leisa Carney has applied for the record of the accident and is waiting patiently for it to arrive.

As with all good yarns, her ghost supposedly lives on in Room Number 1 at the pub…

A regular visitor to the pub, swears blind, probably on a bottle of his favourite whisky rather than a bible, that while he was sleeping in the room, he felt the weight of someone sitting on the end of the bed watching him. When he went for breakfast the next morning he asked Cheryl if she had been in the room, which she laughingly denied, he put it down to the ghost of Daisy May…..and so the yarns gain a life of their own.

What do you think?

The Daisy May Pottinger Room…….come and stay snd see if she visits.