What a wonderfully relaxing, fuss-free and delightfully simple street frontage greets you at the recently opened 95 Mary St Café.
If you haven’t dropped in to experience the classic white style, and the captivating art décor, your New Year is in for a feast for your eyes as well as the food and coffee treats inside. 95 Mary Street is open and very welcoming!
Just a hop, skip and a jump from the CBD and its centrally located accommodation, the unassuming, yet very inviting street view on Mary Street in one of Toowoomba’s more established suburbs is so worth a visit. Setting up here with its new ownership, Renee and Simon were so encouraged by the amazing community support with locals popping their heads in and welcoming the new initiative in to the neighborhood.
95 Mary Street is giving Simon’s artistic background the perfect backdrop for his high-end food artistry as well.
With the opening of the café covered by The Chronicle, it is now definitely on the ‘must do’ list for the discriminating coffee drinker. The style and menu are attracting those looking for a distinct coffee brand and delicious chef designed food. Coffee connoisseurs will be delighted with the special Botero coffee Botero Coffee McLean sourced from a roaster in McLean, New South Wales…..as well as the talented barista bringing the roast to life. Their beautiful coffee cups make a thoughtful gift for that coffee-drinking person who is hard to buy for.
95 Mary Street offers those plus has the eye-catching art of the talented Tarn McLean from Ocre Designs to lift the spirits and incite the senses.
How relaxing to be able to sit and admire these beautiful pieces that just pop off the white walls. The ambience is intimate yet enlivening, The chance of trying fresh smoked salmon cured in-house and delicate smoked duck is not to be missed on this refreshing and constantly changing lunchtime menu.
Dietary needs have become a priority for many diners, so it is comforting to know that all needs are catered for here. With current circumstances making larger gatherings a little more difficult, it is heartening to know that the high quality menu is also available as catering for corporate and private functions in this exclusive setting.
A wonderful addition to Toowoomba’s catering offerings is the whole sides of delicious beetroot cured salmon with a variety of ‘anything but boring’ salads to serve on your deck at home. Truly a taste sensation for that Australia Day celebration!
Eating in, taking way or fuss-free catering – all of the highest quality with a generous side of friendly service!
The artwork is visually stunning and heading here is a visual experience. Even the canine diners are catered for with puppy chinos and treats. Loyalty begins with this kind of attention to detail.
This boutique bounty opens Wednesdays to Sundays from 8.30am to 4.30pm and is open for 2022 from 12th January. What a perfect way to cruise in for weekend Eggs Beni breakfasts, and then takeaways after the delicious coffees.
Keep your eye on exciting new additions as the year rolls on.
Congratulations 95 Mary Street on your new venture as a dining destination!