Do you ever pinch yourself and think, wow, I have just experience something amazing ?
It was that kind of day for us today …….
Have you heard of Argyle Homestead?
It’s a part of our local history and is at Geham.
More history another day …..
It’s been closed to public for many years but we got to visit and explore with the beautiful owners Julie & Ross and got to sit with tea and bikkies to talk about this historically rich place and art:)
Ross is a ridiculously talented artist and we got to see his works in his “shedio” !!
Feeling very blessed to hear the stories and see this beautiful place !!
I couldn’t help but think what would Jamie think?
That’s Jamie from Outlander
Rich in Scottish history
A place with many stories and a few twists but no magical stones, well not that we know of.
Thank you Julie & Ross
Feeling honored & blessed