If you’re not blogging, you’re falling behind. YES! It’s true. With the world in a state of information overload and business saturation, you need to be offering your clients VALUE for money. This is what blogs are. Expertise + VALUE. Besides giving your clients value, they also do a helluva lot for you.
Let’s check it out.
🙌 Major boost to your SEO. By creating blog posts, you’re adding another in-road to your website with another URL. If your content is full of relevant keywords, search engines are going to LOVE you for it!
🙌 Create sharing opportunities. Blogs are super sharable content and once published on social media, it creates huge potential for organic market growth (at next to no cost!).
🙌 Creates brand awareness. When you’re positioning yourself as an industry leader providing insightful advice on a topic, your target audience will know that your brand is a reliable source of information to come back to. This increases traffic and bookings!
🙌 A way to grow their email list. Since blogging is a super simple and cost-effective way to hack organic market growth by simply sharing on social media, most people find it easy to grow their email list by hyperlinking it in the article. And why not? Readers now see you as an authority figure!
🙌 Another way to promote your offers. Need another channel to showcase your current campaigns? Tie it into your blogs! It’s another way to gain countless new leads.
Blogging is a super cost-effective way to benefit your business and your customers. Jump on a free 20-minute call to chat about how blogging can assist you! Send me a message.
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