LinkedIn is such a great platform to connect with people and to grow your brand.

A lot of people have been on other platforms like Facebook for such a long time they feel safe and comfortable and a little scared to move to a new social platform and the fear of learning new ways of connecting.

Its actually really easy, I say that all the time as I am not any sort of “guru” The steps are easy and logical and I am always saying if I can so can you.

So once you “claim” your business and you have filled in all the details then its time to grow the network.

Here are 4 simple little tips from me that really do work –

  1. Invite your personal contacts to follow your business page
  2. Ask your team, family, friends & your tribe to invite their contacts to follow page
  3. Ask your team (staff) to add your page to their LinkedIn profile work experience
  4. See if your web developer can add the “follow” button to your web site (plug in)

That is it, of course if you are busy, time poor or just dont have the inclination to action this let us know we are happy to help.

Have a great week


Toowoomba & Darling Downs (social media team)