There is so much in life that is out of our control…however, one thing we can control is our ‘stuff’.

WE DECIDE what items are brought into our homes and what items leave!

Next time you’re at the shops and see something that you think you need, ask yourself these questions 👇

1. Why do I want to buy this?
2. Do I actually NEED this or is what I am currently using suffice/getting the job done?
3. If I decide that I really do need the item and purchase it, what items at home will I donate/swap out?
4. My favourite…sleep on it!! Leave the item in the shop and walk away. Quite often, what we want on impulse is usually forgotten about the next day or at least the desperate ‘need’ to have it has dissipated.

Yes, it’s difficult saying no to a great discount…but do you really NEED it…like, REALLY need it?

Take care
Suellen & Rachel


May be an image of text that says 'Blue Lilac creating organised spaces As humans, we are in control of our 'stuff' -not the other way around!'