What a delight to have the privilege of seeing smiles a mile wide on the faces of three young entrepreneurial women, related by blood and marriage, as they opened their Three Sisters Bridal shop at Number 4 Duggan Lane in the CBD.  Meet the freshest faces in Toowoomba’s wedding industry – Lizzi, Rachel, and Naomi.

Of course, the ladies acknowledge that this venture which builds on Lizzi’s original boutique in Adelaide, would not have been possible without the ongoing support and technical assistance of partners and fatherly help.  Lizzi’s husband, Josh, is right behind the quality venture.  The family support shines in every aspect of this compact, but cleverly designed boutique.  The magnificent celebration platter topped off a recent night of absolute joy at their achievements.

The celebration of this venture on the night was shared with Erin Clare, the designer of many of the beautiful gowns now hanging so enticingly in the shop. Erin’s fabulous hand-embroidered and beaded designs and her accommodating service are available at Erin Clare Bridal at Noosa on the beautiful Queensland Sunshine Coast. Other fabulous works from distinctive designers are also there to tempt you. 2nd

Every new business relies on word of mouth, and I have no doubt that clients of Threesistersbridal will be spreading the word near and far from now on.  You can find your dream gown, express your whimsical or bohemian style or just enjoy the smiles and styling of these vibrant young women or find them on Instagram.

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