Hello my name is Rachel Joanknecht. Recently I have joined forces with Suellen Sankey in the organising & decluttering business of Blue Lilac.  It is an honour to be working in an area that is a lot of hard effort but also has very satisfying outcomes.  I have the privilege of writing a little bit about me to introduce myself to the Zero Waste members.

I am originally from the often cold and beautifully green state of Michigan in the United States.  However, for almost the last 13 years I have considered Australia my home.  I love the rhythm of life that most Aussie’s exude and the way nothing is often too hard for us.  I love the sunshine and the ability to be out in the garden almost year-round.

My original training was as a registered nurse, which I did in various locations and practices.  I can truly say that I never felt like it was a good fit for me.  It was a tough decision to let my license lapse as I continued to stay home with my kids instead of returning to work.  We moved from Canberra to Toowoomba eight years ago and in many ways never looked back.  I have really enjoyed the difference in community that I have experienced since being here.  The beautiful gardens, family and friendly people have been a been a cornerstone to our time here.

As a hard-working wife and mother of four young boys I personally know what an effort it takes to be organised and stay organised.  In living this season of life for many years now, I have realised how much I actually enjoy organising and look forward to the challenge of making things the most efficient and easy-to-use.  I love coming into a new situation and seeing how things could be improved using whatever is on hand.

Living on mostly a single income it has also been a test to see how I can make the most of what we have or find frugal ways of finding what we need (i.e. second hand or repurposing items).   I believe anyone can find a system that works for them but sometimes the chaos and clutter can be overwhelming.  That’s what I love about working with Blue Lilac.  As a professional organiser we can come in and help get strategies in place to set someone on the right road to peace of mind.  Once one knows what they need to do to maintain order, it takes a lot of stress away.  Often for myself, then I buy less and use more efficiently what I already have.  I enjoy taking something I might have thrown away and using it for a completely different purpose.

I also adore reading, especially taking advantage of the wonderful selection of resources our community library has.  With as many books as I have read over the years, I love the idea of not “wasting” the books after I am finished with them by easily returning them to the library.  Op shops are also a personal favourite, as especially my boys are extremely hard on clothing & toys.  So, if they wreck or destroy something (often unintentionally), I don’t have to worry or stress about the item.  Over the years I have also loved to dabble in pretty much anything, I will usually always be willing to try something once!  Also I fancy the idea of being as self-sufficient as practical for our family in this season with having our own chickens, fruit trees, mini green house and veggie beds.

Thanks again for the opportunity to share a bit about myself and my background.  I think in our own special ways we can all find ways to better reduce, reuse, & recycle (thanks Bob the Builder!). Blessings!

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