Have you ever wondered how Valentines Day started?


Well I have spent the morning searching the net and good old google and Wiki and boy it seams no one can really specifically and clearly say how and why. But there are some common themes, and I am certainly intrigued by a couple of countries and how they celebrate Valentines Day.

Valentines Day, St Valentines Day, The Feast of Saint Valentine is the 14th of February. Basically most agree it originated as a Christian feast day honoring Christian martyrs, not very romantic yet so I will keep sharing.

I had better insert disclaimer now that this is purely for entertainment and I mean not to make light of anyone, culture or religion.

Apparently Pope Gelasius dedicated the day in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome who died on this day. The somehow over the centuries it become what it is today, a day of love and romance.

I am started to prefer the idea of Cupid, but that is another twist of events and love as Cupid is said to be the son of Goddess Venus and the God of War Mars, let’s not go there today 🙂


When we look at some of the different traditions around the world you can see where some of our Western ideas are from, here are some of my personal favourites.

One country is said to exchange gifts including a lovers handkerchief embrioded with love motifs. Sorry I just think about what a hanky if for.

In some countries it is more about remembering friends. In Latin America  DĂ­a del Amor y la Amistad ‘Day of Love and Friendship’ with acts of appreciation for their friends. I would love for my Latin friends to confirm this please as I really like this idea.

Some countries give chocolate, candy and noodles, yes noodles

In some countries it is banned.

Yes, flowers are popping up all over the world, one place said that red roses are the symbol of sacrifice and passion

Songs, poetry and cards are sprinkled throughout the world.

So flowers, chocolate, food (feasting so there must be wine involved) cards, poetry & music appear to be a common theme.

What do you do for Valentines Day?

I have made up a list of things people have told me they do or would like to do around the Toowoomba region.

  1. Flowers from Botanica Rose Farm, Secret Flower Service
  2. Feasting at Zevs, Cafe Valetta, Stella Rosa, Tailgate Sports Bar, Urban Grounds,
  3. Massages at Oasis Day Spa, MagicFingers Therapeutics
  4. Facial from Ros Wigan Beauty
  5. Couples Float at City Cave
  6. Recreating a memory that means a lot to you as a couple
  7. Hampers & Romantic treats from Graziers Daughter, ParisiAnn Patisserie
  8. Picnics in our beautiful parks
  9. Get away romantic night at Hazelmont Cottage Bed & Breakfast
  10. Fresh strawberries from the markets dipped in chocolate like from Source
  11. A night at home snuggled up waiting favorite movies
  12. A meal cooked by you with love using local produce like Michari Meats
  13. Chocolates from Chocolate Cottage Highfields 
  14. Wine from 2nd 2 None or Holland Wines 
  15. Capture you and your love with professional photos from Sonny & Kat 
  16. Print & Frame those special photos or have them restored by Kerwin at Photopro
  17. Sunset or Sunrise, ours are the best from up high looking over the valley to the east or out over the Darling Downs to the west.

This stunning image is from Rebecca and used with permission


Some great pages to visit for inspiration

Southern Queensland Country Tourism 

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These ideas were put together by the KC SMS tribe

No matter what you believe or what you do, today & every day is a day to show love and appreciation to our family, friends and those we love xx